User feedback and feature requests
Tell me what you think of Artemis; which features do you use and find most valuable in your archery? What can be improved? And are there any new features you would like to have added? Please provide me with your feedback!

What's in it for you?

Well; first of all, I will use the feedback to improve Artemis, and secondly, I will randomly select one of the entries and call the next release of Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached) anything you want!

Thanks for your help,

Marcel van Apeldoorn
First things first; if you get selected, how should I call the next release of Artemis?

Provide me with a short name of yourself, your cat, your secret love, your favorite movie character (and yes; Katniss is an option) anything less than 20 charactes.
Something about you....

What type of bow do you shoot?

If your are an active archer, what is your level of archery?

Just a rough indication of your highest level you got in your archery career so far

If you are a coach/trainer, which level of archers do you coach/train?

Multiple selections are possible

Your experience with Artemis(Lite)

Have you used, or are you actively using Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)?

How familiar are you with Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)

Do you consider yourself an expert (5) or are you completely new to the app (1)

Have you upgraded to ArtemisAdFree?

Have you upgraded to ArtemisPremium?

Have you upgraded to ArtemisCoached?

You are halfway through the questions, please hang on :-)

Current Artemis use

Why do you use Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)?

You can select multiple options

What do you like most about Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)?

Your requests or new ideas...

Do you have an idea or feature, you like to include in Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)?

Is there something you don't like in Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached)

Do you want to get involved in new developments?

Would you like to help translate Artemis(Lite/Premium/Coached) to your native language?

Would you like to become BETA tester?


Thanks for your feedback and good shooting

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